The Benefits of Blackout Blinds

At Jayde’s Shades, we are experts in supplying and fitting blackout blinds across Telford, Shrewsbury and across the West Midlands. The benefits of having blackout blinds in your property are massive – they can improve your sleep, reduce your energy bills and much more. So, just why should you consider blackout blinds for your home?

Blackout Blinds in Telford, Shrewsbury and the West Midlands

Blackout Blinds Can Improve Your Sleep

Did you know blackout blinds can improve the quality of your sleep and also help regulate your sleep pattern all year round? In the summer months, we all appreciate the lighter evening and mornings, but they can be disruptive for our sleeping patterns. Our bodies are naturally programmed to want to wake up when it’s light outside and if there’s light seeping in your windows at 4:30am in the height of summer, you may find it more difficult to sleep. This can mean you aren’t well-rested and don’t have as much energy throughout the day. Blackout blinds ensure very little light seeps into your home and can help you and your family sleep longer. They’re especially useful in the lighter, summer months, for people who work shifts and have to sleep during the day, for anyone who is affected by light pollution (streetlights outside windows etc), or babies and small children or older people who take naps during the day. Blackout blinds provide a quick, convenient and easy solution to help improve your sleep and overall wellbeing, plus with a range of different finishes and styles available they’ll look great within your home too.

Other Benefits of Blackout Blinds

Did you know that blackout blinds can also help to insulate your home and reduce your energy consumption as a result? Because blackout blinds are well lined to keep light out, they also are great at keeping heat trapped in your home and creating a cosy, warm environment that’s great for both living and sleeping in.

Blackout blinds also have sound reduction properties and can help to block out noise from outside your bedroom, allowing you to have a more peaceful environment for sleep and rest. If you live on a busy street where the noise of traffic or people often keeps you awake, blackout blinds could help with this. Or, if you’re a shift worker who sleeps during the day when people are out and about making noise, they could benefit you greatly.

Blackout blinds also provide a greater level of privacy than many other types of blinds or curtains as not even shadows can be seen.

At Jayde’s Blinds we have blackout blinds in a variety of colours and styles so there’s bound to be something that suits the style of your room and home. We also offer a made to measure blind service where we can create blackout blinds in custom sizes to fit your windows perfectly, no matter how big or small. Call us today on 077990 044 050 to find out more.

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